Everyone, Stop Changing the Question Mid-Answer!

Everyone, Stop Changing the Question Mid Answer! : tim ferriss slow carb pet peeve people health four hour body annoyance aggravating advice In a previous post I outlined some of the things I learned about myself and my eating habits while trying out the slow-carb diet outlined in Tim Ferris‘s The Four Hour Body. In short, I found the advice to be very effective, but a boring way to live for the rest of my life.

One thing I can say about the details found in the book though, is that they always stayed on point, and that the book’s methods were all thoroughly researched and tested. This is not something that most health/diet professionals can claim. When somebody has a goal in mind, I find it infuriating to hear someone shift the original question in the course of their response, in order to better suit their own interests.

Take this article for example. It starts with the question “Why is bread bad for your diet?” and then goes on to talk about what kinds of bread are healthiest for a person; whole grains, blah, blah, blah. OKAY! Somebody who’s avoiding bread, is usually trying to avoid carbs. And if they’re avoiding carbs, they probably are trying to lose flab. If you know somebody is trying to cut their body fat, don’t instruct them to eat different variations of a food that will still add to their waistline. It’s completely rude and aggravating to make someone feel like the words they chose very specifically are being ignored.

Just for everyone’s info, answer #3 on this yahoo question is a short, concise response that I actually found to be very helpful and informative on the topic. Not a link clicker? Here it is:

I lol’ed at your other answers. Bread is a carbohydrate. When you eat bread or other carbs your body immediatly converts the carbs to sugar. When your blood sugar goes up this triggers an insulin response from your body and you end up storing the excess sugar by converting it to fat.

Breads that are “whole grain” are slightly better for you because they are not as highly refined and your body takes a little longer to break them down so you don’t have that sudden blood sugar spike.

As a kid in science class we were once given plain saltine crackers. We were told to chew them up and leave them in our mouths for a minute without swallowing. When you do that you start to notice that the chewed up cracker becomes very sweet. That’s because enzymes in your saliva are already breaking the carbohydrates into simple sugars.


I’m reminded of many trips of mine to tech-related support forums, which resulted, insanely often, in people either making suggestions I’d already mentioned trying, or suggesting reasons I shouldn’t try to do what I’ve asked about.

If you have further info, world, that’s fantastic. But save it until AFTER you’ve addressed WHAT I F’ING ASKED.

Have you experienced a similar display of disregard for your intentions? Please let us hear ‘em in the comments, or using any of the methods listed in the “Contact” link at the top of the page!


Everyone, Stop Changing the Question Mid Answer! : tim ferriss slow carb pet peeve people health four hour body annoyance aggravating advice

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